My introduction to the industry, in the days before digital photography, was as a junior assistant for a busy Mayfair studio. There I assisted on everything from fashion to portraits to food and still-life photography and using anything from 35mm roll film up to 10×8 sheet film. I learned that the craft of photography requires problem solving, technical know-how, an expert’s eye for lighting and composition along with persistence and a flawless attention to detail.

It was at that time that I discovered my love of still-life photography and the power of incredible images.

Over the last three decades I’ve photographed commissions for many leading brands & advertisers including Dior, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Shiseido, Coty, Kiko cosmetics, The Body Shop, John Lewis, Debenhams, Harrods, Bentley Motors, De Beers Diamonds along with many editorial clients.

I’m based in central London, where I work with occasional help from a roster of other creative professionals – assistants, stylists, retouchers, model makers & home economists. I’m equally happy behind the camera creating photos, and moving image,  or in front of a computer working on the post production / retouching.


Beyond my commercial work, my personal projects reflect a passion for exploring the beauty in the simple everyday things around us, taking a closer look to reveal intricate hidden patterns.

Moments that cost nothing, nothing for sale  – www.davidparfitt.uk